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More and more, we are told that we need to save energy in our daily lives. Energy consumption is increasing while natural resources are depleting meaning those of us that wish to be responsible for our planets current, and more importantly, future, need to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

However, many people believe that it is always necessary to make sacrifices to achieve this goal, but innovative technology in heating that WM Air Conditioning can provide, shows that you can have both performance and reduced energy use.

The answer? Air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) use energy from the air outside of your house or premises to heat radiators, underfloor heating, warm air convectors or produce hot water. By making use of energy that is being naturally renewed on a daily basis (even in cold weather), ASHPs are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

Combined with our Pre-Plan Maintenance service, you have a reliable system that works optimally all year round.

What are the advantages of using an air source heat pump?

  • While ASHPs use some electricity in their operation, you will save considerably on your fuel bills by making use of energy from outside to heat your home.
    • The amount of money you could be saving can vary widely, depending on what your current heating system is, what your current energy source is, and what efficiency your ASHP will be running at, but the savings can be substantial.
  • You have the potential to make additional money through the Renewable Heat Incentive being offered by the government.
    • The Renewable Heat Incentive is a UK government scheme that is intended to encourage households and businesses to use renewable heat technologies (such as ASHPs) with financial incentives.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and be happy in the knowledge you are doing your part in helping the environment.
  • Are often easier to install than ground source heat pumps.

For more information about heat pumps or the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), please get in touch.

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