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Your Complete HVAC Solution

WM Aircon is the leading HVAC supplier in Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley, and is dedicated to the design, installation & service of the latest technology.

We offer installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems, provide ways to heat your property using renewable energy (chief among which is the installation of air source heat pumps), and install ventilation systems with heat recovery mechanisms to prevent energy loss.

We offer parts from only the very best manufacturers, such as Daikin, Mitsubishi and Toshiba, meaning we couple the very best installations with the very best equipment. With us, you can ensure your air conditioning and refrigeration system is installed by engineers with years of experience and that it will remain in top condition for years to come with our Pre-Plan Maintenance.

Established in 1983, near Oxford, we have earned an enviable reputation for quality and professional service, and we are a member of the HVCA. Our engineers are experienced and qualified professionals taking great pride in their work. Communication at all levels with the customer is a foundation to ensure that we deliver complete confidence and high standards and our concern is that the customer feels they are receiving the best possible service.

Call us to arrange a free site visit and quotation, or connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

HVAC Service

At WM Air Conditioning we offer a range of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) services, including installation, maintenance, and breakdown cover.

Problems and breakdowns happen, even when using the very best units and equipment. This is why we offer our service cover, meaning we can promptly get your systems up and running again as soon as possible. Of particular note is our 24/7 service cover for both air conditioning & refrigeration systems, meaning we're available as soon as you notice the need for help.

It is recommended that you keep your systems properly and regularly maintained in order to prevent the need for breakdown cover, emergency or otherwise - so we help you fufill that requirement with our Pre-Plan Maintenance (PPM).

Our PPM gives you bi-annual, pre-summer & pre-winter, maintenance checks to ensure all year round, optimal performance, and a lower risk of breakdown.

Please see our maintenance page to see what we can provide.

If you wish to learn more about the services that we provide or wish to arrange a visit for repairs to a system or unit, please contact us.

HVAC Installation

WM Air Conditioning offer the installation of a variety of air conditioning & refrigeration systems:

  • Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) & Variable Refrigerant System's (VRS) including indoor & outdoor units
    • We offer systems of any scale, whether for small buildings or larger ones requiring multiple units
  • Commercial refrigeration equipment, such as:
    • Ice Machines
    • Display Cabinets
    • Walk-in Cold Rooms
  • Renewable energy heating systems using air source heat pumps
    • Air source heat pumps are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home using energy from the air outside.
  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery to maximise efficiency
    • We improve efficiency by making use of energy that ordinary systems would lose.


In order to keep your air conditioning and refrigeration systems working to their best all year round and to prevent breakdowns, WM Air Conditioning provide a periodic maintenance service so you can be sure you are covering yourself against disaster.

Our Pre-Plan Maintenance (PPM) service provides you with pre-summer and pre-winter checks to give all year round, optimum performance. Yearly maintenance has been tested & proven to save you 30% on the running costs of your system - in addition to giving you peace of mind.

We offer maintenance services for the following systems:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Refridgeration equipment
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ventilation systems and heat exchanges

It is important to have Air conditioning systems regularly maintained to ensure peace of mind all year round. Air conditioning systems are also important for air filtration and purification, making it even more important to keep them properly looked after.

Similarly important is having your refrigeration system regularly maintained, for the implications should one break down are almost always costly - a broken down refrigeration system, especially if it hasn't been repaired as soon as possible, can result in goods needing to be thrown away.

The renewable energy heating system we install, air source heat pumps, need maintaining yearly to protect against the inevitable performance drops we see time and again. When Autumn rolls around, air source heat pumps often get blocked with leaves and debris, resulting in worsened performance and less money saved.

Ventilation systems will often be looked at during air conditioning maintenance, as it is common to install these systems together (because of their interaction with one another) - but should you be using a ventilation system without air conditioning, it is important that you remember to have it regularly looked after.

Should you wish to organise maintenance for any of these systems and units, then please contact us.

Get parts from only the best, such as Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fuijitsu and Toshiba. The best installations with the best equipment.

"I called WM refrigeration reported the problem and virtually within the hour they were here and fixed it so credit where credit is due."

Hook Norton Brewery Co Limited


"In these troubled times it's good to know local firms still deliver great service and the engineer chappie was a good ole boy. Cheers from Worths Motor services."

Paul Worth