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28th March 2022 - back to news index

World Refrigeration Day - Cooling Matters

We all use cooling. Refrigeration keeps our food fresh, is essential for storage of medicines, vaccines, and many other things. Air conditioning is required if we live in a warm climate. The world's governments have signed up to a range of international agreements, including those about increasing our energy efficiency, reducing emissions, and changing to lower CO2 refrigerants.

The public hear about these policies, and we are aware of standards and codes which help implement them. Yet, according to the Secretariat of World Refrigeration Day, we need to improve our awareness of the importance of cooling and find out how we can adopt innovative and sustainable solutions. The theme of World Refrigeration Day on 26 June 2022 is Cooling Matters.

Cooling matters because population growth, urbanisation, more frequent heat waves, and economic growth will drive the need for improved cooling. Our homes and workplaces will need air conditioning more than ever so we can live and work at a comfortable temperature.

The growing world population means that we will need an estimated 60% more food by 2050. Especially with warmer temperatures, keeping it cool will be more important than ever. Much of our food is currently wasted, and improved refrigeration can significantly reduce this problem. How we choose, operate and maintain our cooling systems can make a real difference for the environmental wellbeing of us all in the future.

There are 3.6 billion cooling units working today; by 2050, this number will nearly triple. The International Energy Agency emphasises the need to increase efficiency along with compliance with relevant legislation. Buildings, and the materials and construction work needed to make them, generate 39% of all global CO2 emissions. Reducing unnecessary waste will help resolve this urgent problem, and also reduce cumulative emissions.

World Refrigeration Day has the support of nearly 100 national and international associations, including ASHRAE, European Partnership for Energy and the Environment, and United Nations Programmes on a number of related issues. Africa and India are particularly active in this area.

If you want to minimise the environmental impact of cooling in your home and workplace, put 26 June 2022 in your diary, and find out during World Refrigeration why cooling matters for you too.

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