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15th December 2019 - back to news index

Sleep Well with Toshiba's New Air Conditioning Units

If you have lain in bed listening to the sound of the air conditioning unit keeping you awake, we have great news for you. Toshiba's new SEIYA Under Ceiling Split Air Conditioner units can be adjusted to "quiet" indoors, to 19dB(A) so you can have both comfort and peace. Outside, once they are installed the units have a "silent" function, making only half the noise commonly associated with air-conditioning, so people nearby can sleep soundly too.

The Toshiba Split Air Conditioner is sure to become popular in the small commercial under ceiling air conditioner market. It is reasonably priced for use in residential or small commercial premises, especially where low noise is essential.

The range consists of 7 different sized units, form 1.5 to 6.5 (Cooling) to 2.0 to7.0 (Heating), so there is a unit to suit the needs of any home or small business. The units' compressors all keep heating and cooling well-balanced, to reduce fluctuations. This ensures minimal energy and running costs, making The Toshiba Split Air Conditioning range ideal for economy as well as comfort.

Toshiba's Under Ceiling Air Conditioner is elegantly designed, super-efficient and great for saving energy - it has an ECO logic button so you can reduce energy consumption by 25%. It is self-cleaning, can be defrosted on demand, and has all the other advanced features you expect from Toshiba. These include the Magic Coil, which keeps water and dust off the heat exchanger surface, while the fan operates to keep the coil in perfect condition while the unit is switched off.

This split air conditioner is wifi compatible, so you can control it however you choose, and it has an automatic stop facility. An optional app allows you to control the unit from any location, using your smart phone or digital device, while an optional remote control gives you the option to use a weekly timer.

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