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27th June 2021 - back to news index

Toshiba's HAORI Air Conditioning is as Cool as it Looks

If you want high-performance, efficient, air conditioning which is also more aesthetically pleasing than usual, Toshiba have the ideal solution for you. Their new, highly innovative, HAORI air conditioning systems can be adapted to fit in elegantly with the chosen decor in any room of your home. Instead of a plastic box, the slender HAORI units are sold with an attractive textile cover in a range of colours. All you have to do is peel and stick your chosen fabric to the curved front panel.

The fabric cover can also be customised to match the fabrics used in your interior design. It is a simple matter to adapt this to any change in your decor, and it can either blend in or become a feature itself. The remote control is also elegant, combining a black, brushed texture façade including eco modes to lower your energy bills. It even has a magnetic wall-mounted holder. Factory-integrated Wi-Fi gives you control through the Toshiba Home AC Control app, with voice control and energy monitoring.

The performance of the HAORI air conditioner easily lives up to Toshiba's worldwide reputation for excellent engineering, with triple-A efficiency for both heating and cooling. Its Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) is 8.6 and its Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance (SCOP) is 5.1. These impressive achievements are facilitated by the use of R32 refrigerant, with its low environmental impact. The system's rotary compressor and inverter technology constantly regulate heating and cooling capacity, reducing environmental impact.

Efficient air distribution is ensured by HADA Care, another Toshiba innovation, which protects your skin's moisture too, while the indirect airflow generated by the louvre position circulates air at the top of the room, regulating temperature and increasing comfort. Outdoor units are available with cooling capacities 2.5kW, 3.5kW or 4.6kW, and heating capacities 3.2kW, 4.2kW or 5.5kW.

The HAORI air conditioner has Toshiba's PM2.5 Ultra Pure filter, which captures 94% of fine particulate (particles with a diameter over 2.5 micrometres). It also contains the Toshiba Plasma Ionizer which catches and neutralises bacteria and viruses. Operation is almost silent, and there is an additional Quiet function which reduces noise further, to 19dB(A) indoors. Outdoor units can be reduced remotely, to 37dB(A). Maintenance is easy, with the Toshiba Magic Coil's self-cleaning function and an easy-clean drain pan.

The HAORI system's performance is as good as its looks.

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