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29th March 2020 - back to news index

Toshiba - Still the Only Carbon Neutral HVAC Manufacturer

In January 2019, Toshiba Air Conditioning completed seven years as the first HVAC supplier in the UK to achieve carbon neutral status. Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd is Toshiba's joint venture with Carrier, an interntaional provider of HVAC technologies. They were presented with an award for commitment to climate leadership by the carbon neutral certification group Natural Capital Partners.

Despite the extensive publicity given to environmental issues during this time, no other company in the HVAC area of business has achieved carbon neutral status. Confirming Toshiba's commitment to continue improving its environmental standards, David Dunn, Managing Director for new equipment sales, described the current environmental situation as: "One of the most important issues facing the industry and, indeed, society as a whole," and added: "As events unfold and scientific understanding develops, it seems clear that the evidence is compelling and that our initiative is well-founded."

Toshiba works with Natural Capital Partners, to the specifications set out in the CarbonNeutral Protocol. The company's CO2 emissions, including those from energy, travel, waste, and water consumption, are independently monitored. Measures are then taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Resource efficiency is improved and Toshiba buys verified carbon offsets from Natural Capital Partners, guaranteeing the same amount of GHG emissions will be reduced from the atmosphere, keeping remaining CO2 emissions at zero.

These offsets have a number of sources, including recently the Jath Wind Power programme in India, administered by Natural Capital Partners. Another is a solar cookers programme in Danjiang River, China which uses solar power in rural households which previously used coal for cooking. This is a great improvement as the coal used fuel inefficiently and caused extensive air pollution.

Toshiba Air Conditioning and its partners have made a valuable effort to try and reduce their GHG and CO2 emissions. We're keeping an eye on the rest of the industry to see how they try to match this effort.

Further details are available on their website.

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