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14th June 2017 - back to news index

Daikin R32 Units make themselves at home in our workplaces

It really doesn't feel like nearly 2 years since we wrote about R32 refrigerant gas replacing R22 refrigerant following worldwide agreements on reducing the use of ozone depleting gases.

The laws outlawing future use of R22 as well as the higher GWP of R410a have led to widespread uptake of R32 refrigerant units in air conditioners. Daikin introduced the first R32 units in 2012 and recently reported that they have now sold over 10 million R32 units worldwide and their sales continue to increase.

Daikin have also recently announced the upcoming launch of three new models running on lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R32 to its Sky Air range of small to medium commercial air conditioners. These units can be controlled by a mobile phone or tablet and boast simplified installation and maintenance.

Why is R32 best?

If you'd like to find out more about R32 units, or the new range from Daikin, please drop us a line today.

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