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27th June 2019 - back to news index

Mitsubishi's Cool Idea for Your IT Room

If you've ever ventured into a server room, you'll know that computers can get incredibly warm and a hot stuffy atmosphere isn't good for us or our computers. So it's not surprising there is a market for Air Conditioning designed specifically to cool them down. Mitsubishi have over 50 years of experience in the IT high precision cooling market and in April 2019 they released their first packaged Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) unit, the s-MEXT IT Cooling Range.

If IT equipment gets too hot or cold, this can shorten its lifespan or even cause a failure in which data is lost. How much cooling you need depends on many things, like location and how well ventilated the premises are. As a general guide, the more watts of electricity your IT equipment consumes, the more important efficient cooling becomes. Needs can be assessed by an expert; but in general over 400-500 watts will require cooling. Precision air conditioning is best and gives scope for expansion.

The Mitsubishi s-MEXT is of the high quality we expect from Mitsubishi. The units are available from 6k W up to 42k W capacity and there are both Upflow and Downflow variants. It is also the first Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics and IT Cooling System product to have the prestigious three diamonds logo, synonymous with quality worldwide. Richard Venga, Senior Product Manager at Mitsubishi Electric, called the s-MEXT system: "familiar, flexible and reliable", which sounds like a description of the ideal IT cooling system.

The s-MEXT system can be installed quickly and easily. It connects directly to Mitsubishi Electric's DX Mr Slim Power Inverter outdoor units, to create a full inverter split system. EC plug fans and complete inverter technology included, and the units take up little space. Installers who have experience working with these Inverter units need no extra training to install the s-MEXT. Being a packaged solution also means that shipping times are reduced. The system can be adapted to your specific needs and has Mitsubishi Electric's usual 3-year guarantee.

If your business is one of the many which could benefit from this new high precision air-conditioning system, contact us for further information. Your IT Crowd will be pleased you did.

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