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17th July 2019 - back to news index

Getting Greener Faster

Climate change is an unimaginably huge issue, but legislators worldwide have been working on it. At global level, we have the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which were agreed between 193 countries in 2015. These include Climate Action and Affordable, Clean Energy. They are not binding, but compliance generally leads to benefits for both communities and economies.

In the European Union, Article 191 of the Union's Treaty regards combatting climate change as an "explicit objective of EU environment policy". There is specific legislation about many details, and heat pumps can help. Basically, although they run on a small amount of electricity, heat pumps transfer heat from one place to another, rather than burning fuel. Fridges work in a similar way. The less fuel we burn the easier it will be to comply with EU plans to de-carbonise its economies by 2050. Green heat pumps can play a major role in conforming to EU Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration policy (HVACR).

The European Heat Pump Association wants to go further, faster. Recent technological advances have led to green heat pumps, which can be used with renewable energy. According to the EHPA, less than 10% of EU buildings are heated this way, while an estimated 50% of EU energy use goes on heating and cooling. Estimates about future climate change suggest a growing need for temperature regulation.

The Secretary-General of the EHPA, Thomas Nowak, says the EU should prioritise green heat pumps as an essential part of its plan to reach its energy targets. At the recent EHPA annual forum, he stated that the technology is already available and also adaptable; it can be used in residential and commercial buildings as well as industrial processes.

Different member states have their own views on use of existing fossil fuels, (Netherlands is already gas-free) but experts agree that renewable, clean, energy is essential for preserving the future environment. Even after Brexit, it is likely that UK governments, who have already committed to reducing the impact of climate change, will continue this trend so getting greener faster makes sound business sense.

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