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4th January 2021 - back to news index

Daikin Innovation Looks Towards the Future

In 2013, Daikin launched Ururu Sarara, the first air conditioner in the world to use the lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R-32. Since then they have worked tirelessly to lower the GWP of their products with the aims of reducing their environmental footprint and becoming CO2 neutral by 2050, as required by the Paris Agreement.

Daikin Innovation has now added the VRV 5 series to its portfolio. This series represents a major advance towards these aims, using R-32 which reduces GWP by 71% from that of previously-used R410A refrigerant and lowering the refrigerant charge by 10%. It is a single component refrigerant, so can be easily handled, recycled or re-used.

The new 10 class indoor units are specially designed for small, well-insulated rooms, with a low sound pressure of 39 dB (A) and an automatic ESP setting up to 45Pa to allow ducting. Along with their small size, this makes these units unobtrusive while retaining efficiency. The refrigerant-cooled PCB has integrated cool/heat selector input, and also a 7-segment display for precise error and setting reading.

The VRV 5 series is easy to transport, install and maintain, being compact and easy to access whenever necessary. Casings have 4 handles for easy carrying. Units can be controlled online or by voice, have variable refrigerant temperature, and brazed stop valves which can be positioned at the side or front. Daikin Innovation also includes a unique swing compressor which ensures high seasonal efficiency with no possibility of either abrasion or refrigerant leak. The specially designed grille has low pressure drop and no risk of accidental reach of the fan.

The units are connectable, and the range includes a round flow cassette with 7 different panels available, a fully flat cassette, a slim concealed ceiling unit, and a wall-mounted unit. There is also a super-slim (only 245mm) concealed ceiling unit with medium ESP which can be changed via the wired remote control to optimise the volume of supply air.

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