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29th August 2020 - back to news index

Daikin's Energy Efficiency Grows with New Heat Pump Technology

Daikin was the first company to use the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R32 in a new series of air-cooled chillers. Since long before that, the company had been working to improve the cooling, heating and refrigeration industry's environmental record. Daikin's corporate policy includes the aim to "Be a company that leads in applying environmentally friendly practices" and they have been doing exactly that, with their high-quality units and accessories.

Now Daikin has introduced its next generation of heat pump technology that provides efficient, cost-effective heating and cooling in all conditions, using 100% fresh air from outside. These are known as DOAS (Dedicated Outside Air Systems) and make a significant contribution striking the right balance between maintaining fresh, clean air throughout a building and doing so cost-effectively.

The energy savings of the DZ20VC heat pump were rated "most efficient" by Energy Star in April 2020, and this pump costs at least 35% less to operate than other systems conforming to international standards. Daikin is one of the fastest-growing air-conditioning brands in India, for example, a country known for its high temperatures. SmartSource DOAS can operate with entering air conditions as hot as an Indian summer day or as cold as a winter night in Canada.

The water source heat pumps use Daikin's SmartBoost Heat Technology and can use air as cold as -18°C, thanks to their hot gas reheat coil which augments the unit's DX coil. Heating efficiency is up to 5.1 ISCOP, which conforms with the Air-conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute's recommendation 920-2020. Efficiency is increased with shaftless blowers and electronically commutated fan motors, which are designed to run on alternating current and consume up to 70% less energy than conventional fans. Multi-stage Tandem Scroll Compressors allow the capacity to be varied between 30% and 100%, so you get exactly the right air temperature and humidity.

Now, more than ever because of COVID-19, we need clean, outside air in the workplace, and Daikin Heat Pumps provide an ideal way achieve healthy indoor environments. With the climate changing as well, these pumps represent an excellent investment.

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