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12th February 2020 - back to news index

Bluevolution from Daikin

For many years now, Daikin has been working to reduce the environmental affects of cooling, heating and refrigeration. Part of the company's corporate policy is to "Be a Company that Leads in Applying Environmentally Friendly Practices", while at the same time producing high performance units and accessories.

The company's latest innovation is called "Bluevolution" and is the world's first range of air-cooled scroll chiller series (EWAT-B) with refrigerant R-32. This is Difluoromethane, which has both high energy efficiency and lower Global Warming potential. The flammability classification of R-32 is A2L, which fits ISO817, and because it is used without other refrigerants it is also easy to recycle.

Daikin has long experience of using both fluorinated and non-fluorinated gases in its products to allow customers to choose the option best suited to their needs. It first used R-32 in 2012, in its split air conditioners and later in its heat pumps and commercial air conditioners. Only five years later, it had already sold around 12 million units of this kind.

The Bluevolution chillers will have a range of accessories available and can be adapted to suit requirements, with three sound options (Standard, Low and Reduced) and two classes of efficiency (Silver and Gold). The accessories include heat recovery for hot water production and a hydronic kit which can use fixed or variable flow. All the chillers in the range work with Daikin's cloud-based platform, which gives access to preventive maintenance, system organisation, remote monitoring and other useful features.

This is far superior to the earlier R-410A range, with only one third of the Global Warming Potential and a 10% improvement in Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. With Daikin's impressive record for producing efficient, adaptable units which can be customised to suit, you know you are getting the right product for your specific needs.

With their long-term record of making refrigerants and equipment to the highest environmental standards, you can also be sure that Daikin's Bluevolution range of chillers conforms to current European legislation (Ecodesign Lot21) and other environmental protections making it a great choice for the eco-savvy buyer.

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