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9th May 2021 - back to news index

Your Refrigeration Equipment Needs to Be Ready to Resume Work

If your business uses refrigeration, freezers or cold rooms, it is time to prepare for the return to work after COVID-19. Commercial refrigeration maintenance is crucial and now is the perfect opportunity to get everything in optimum condition, ensuring a smooth return to regular use. The following guidelines should help. While carrying out these steps, always refer to the supplier, installer, or operating manual for the specific equipment you have installed.

All fridges, freezers and cold rooms, including their door gaskets, should first be thoroughly cleaned, and left to dry. With fridges and freezers:

  1. Re-close the door, ensuring it fits perfectly.
  2. Check the plug and power cable, then plug in and switch on.
  3. Monitor the equipment, making sure it pulls the temperature down to the correct level.

Cold rooms require more attention, so once they are cleaned and completely dried:

  1. Re-fit the strip curtains.
  2. A competent person should check and replace the power-failure battery.
  3. Check the cold room door safety release mechanism, and ensure it is working properly.
  4. After the above steps have been completed, restore the power to the cold room, having consulted with your Business Facilities Manager or designated Supervisor if you need authorisation to do this.
  5. If you have emergency lights installed, it is important to check these, as the battery may have run flat, or some other malfunction may have occurred during the inoperative period. If the lights do not operate correctly, they should be repaired by a competent person.
  6. If your cold room has a "Person Trapped" alarm, check that it functions correctly.
  7. Monitor the equipment to ensure that it pulls the temperature down to the correct level and that no operational problems arise.
  8. Before use is resumed, a competent refrigeration engineer should be employed to service the cold room as some problems are noticeable only to a professional. If you have any concerns relating to the safe operation of the equipment, let him or her know.
  9. Refrigerated storage facilities for food and drink should be regularly examined, so that they operate safely, with maximum efficiency.

Commercial refrigeration maintenance should also be applied to roll-in refrigerators, blast chambers and all other refrigerated equipment. Then you will be ready to start the new working period with confidence, knowing your refrigeration is in top-class operating condition.

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