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1st October 2019 - back to news index

Award-winning auto-cleaning duct accessory can keep your air conditioning clean

Daikin UK's VRV and Split Air Conditioning units are very popular, and specially designed for residential, hotel and office use. Now, owners can make their units perform even better with a great new accessory designed to keep the system's internal duct filters clean and free from the dust that all air conditioners attract with an automatic air vent cleaner.

This is the Auto-Cleaning Duct Accessory and it uses an automatic system to clean the filters and stop dust collecting in your indoor ducted units. This dust is then collected in a dust box which can easily be emptied with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning is essential to smooth running of the equipment, as clogging of filters can cause reduced efficiency and mean the equipment needs replacing more frequently. Keeping the internal ducts clean means that the system operates at an energy saving of around 20% too, as well as giving you consistently lower maintenance and running expenditure and extending the useful life of the equipment and its parts.

With the Daikin Automatic Air Vent Cleaner, you know you have the best quality. The Auto-Cleaning Duct Accessory won the prestigious Ancillary Air Conditioning Product of the Year Award at the ACR News Awards in London in January 2018. Daikin UK's Martin Passingham, Product Manager for DX based in Guildford expressed pride that the company's recent innovations were acknowledged in this way, stating that "Daikin UK continues to lead the way in providing cost-effective products that have a wealth of benefits for both the installer and the end-client".

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