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1st June 2020 - back to news index

Now is the time for Air Conditioning Maintenance

When your staff come back to work after lockdown, you need to be sure they will return to a safe working environment. One very important area is your air-conditioning system. A cleaning and maintenance schedule compliant with existing industry standards should be sufficient, but if cleaning is due soon the expert advice is to do it before work resumes. While the pre-existing Planned Preventative Maintenance programmes should be adequate, this only applies if they are used to the highest industry standards.

Research so far has given no clear answers about possible links between COVID-19 and air conditioning; it seems that the disease is mainly transmitted person-to-person and/or by contact with contaminated surfaces. However, it is an area of concern, unsurprisingly as other diseases such as Legionnaire's, can be transmitted this way. As people often worry about things which are untrue or unproven, inform your staff about this preparation for their return.

Whether for COVID-19, other illnesses, or just good hygiene practice, now is an excellent time to check your air-conditioning system and do necessary maintenance. Without workers and distractions, you can do a really thorough job, check that all your equipment is maintained in line with industry standards and clean all your filters, especially components such as fan coil filters which can be difficult to access. You can also review your maintenance procedures and make any improvements necessary.

AREA (European Cooling Association) have issued useful guidelines. These include running your system on full fresh air, rather than circulation mode, while the building is closed. This is worth the cost; the AREA recommendations state: "the potential benefit to public health outweighs the reduction in energy efficiency caused by not recirculating air." AREA also suggest carrying out a full risk assessment with emphasis on the building's specific needs, and suitable disposal of used filters in a secure storage area or proper cleaning of washable filters.

This is not just about COVID-19; effective filtration, regular maintenance, and appropriate cleaning reduces the chances of there being any type of contaminants in the air and having a maintenance schedule is best practice - just call us if you need advice or help with your air conditioning maintenance.

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