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30th July 2020 - back to news index

Air-Conditioning Efficiency and Global Warming

We are all aware of environmental issues and especially the need to reduce carbon emissions. Guidelines and legislation exist at all levels, from local authorities encouraging us to recycle to the UN's list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals were agreed by 193 countries in 2015 and include (7) Affordable Clean Energy and (13) Action on Climate Change.

When it comes to air-conditioning, we are now using gases with lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) rather than the previously ubiquitous Fluorinated gases (F-gases). However, the efficiency of the systems you use is just as important as the gases.

Jordan Smith, Executive Director of GlobalFact, while acknowledging the value of all GWP reduction initiatives, recently stated that they are; "not the only piece of the carbon impact equation" and "not even the most important piece" as running your system at peak efficiency - including eliminating leaks - is more important. He claims that "Refrigerant GWP is only harmful to the environment if it leaks."

We need to improve both our GWP and our efficiency as they are interdependent in relation to reducing carbon emissions. Leaks are mainly related to poor installation of HVACR systems, which can reduce efficiency by as much as 40%. Inadequate inspection and maintenance will mean that these inefficiencies get worse over time. As well as its impact on the environment, a leaky system loses energy efficiency and is therefore more expensive to operate, so reducing leaks and increasing system efficiency will benefit your bottom line.

You may also want to work out your workplace's carbon footprint and put measures in places to improve it; emphasising recycling and efficient use of resources; and educating employees about sustainability. Even simple actions like always switching off equipment not in use and reporting any incidents or situations which could affect carbon emissions or have another environmental impact, will have a positive impact.

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