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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) is an energy recovery system that uses state of the art equipment such as a heat recovery ventilator, heat exchangers, air exchangers or air-to-air heat exchangers to provide counter air flow between the inbound and outbound air flow in a residence or commercial building. The goal of the system is to provide fresher air and improved climate control with an emphasis on energy reduction through efficiency.

These systems have become popular due to the improved insulation and construction quality that while providing a tighter seal more or less reduces air flow through a building. HRV systems are a remedy for the new airtight designs of today's energy efficient structures.

Advantages of Heat Recovery Ventilation

How HRV Systems Operate

HRVs can be standalone devices or can be added to existing HVAC systems. Most building and residences choose the system according to the layout of the structure. A large office building generally adds the HRV system to the existing HVAC. Small office buildings tend to add standalone devices. Many HRV systems are included in newly constructed hoes and can be added to the central heating and cooling system in an existing structure.

Different type exchangers have different attributes and advantages.

Seasonal Bypassing

The efficiency of certain HRV systems can be influenced by the climate. Earth-to-air systems are extremely efficient in winter but not as efficient and in fact can be counterproductive in the summer. For this reason HRV systems usually contain an internal bypass system, which again adds to the energy efficiency of the heating system.

HRV systems are popular and reputable heating system providers offer a number of systems appropriate for the locality in which they are situated. An investment in heat recovery ventilation will pay dividends in terms of efficiency, energy costs and the health of residents or employees.

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