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Mark Wohltmann

Description Of Works

Project – Air Conditioning installation to a 2nd floor bedroom and a 1st floor Gym in a residential house in Chipping Norton.

Description – Customer contacted WM to ask for advice in installing cooling to x2 rooms in their house that they struggled with overheating. 

The customer felt that wall mounted units were not pleasing on the eye so asked for other options.

We proposed installing a Daikin floor mounted unit (FVXM) in each room. Due to the lack of wall space we suggested having the radiators in each room drained/removed and pipes capped, then the new A/C floor mounted units could be located in the removed radiator's position. 

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It was possible to route the pipework, cables and condensate drain in the eaves of the 2nd floor for the bedroom unit to the outside wall so that no services could be seen.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to route the services unnoticed for the indoor unit in the gym, so a small length of white trunking was used to house the services to the outside wall.

Every effort was made to line the two pipework holes/penetrations up on the outside of the house so that they could both be hidden in the same vertical level length of black trunking to match the gutter.

Using the same black trunking the pipework and services were hidden to the external units located off the floor on canter lever brackets.

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A separated electrical contractor installed a 13amp weatherproof external switched fused spur for each of the A/C units.

The systems both ran up very well and the customer was very happy with the works.

Our customer's review

Thorough, precise and superb work

"We had air conditioning installed by WM Aircon and we are extremely satisfied with the work and the product (Daikin Perfera FVXM-A, floor standing unit that also replaced our radiators as it is very efficient in cooling and heating via heatpump).

We requested a proposal for different options, covering multiple rooms and Andy, the project manager, extensively researched customised solutions for us that took into account price, aesthetics and future-proofing for potential extensions. The communication was always clear and the proposal detailed and precise, not like so often where you just get an obscure total amount with no details.

The work on site was meticulous and done with the utmost care. Specifically we liked how everything was well thought through, be it how to avoid trunking or how to line everything up so that it looks neat and tidy. Andy really went above and beyond to make sure the installation had the most minimal impact on the inside and the outside of the house.

The Daikin devices they suggested work perfectly and are very silent inside and outside. We already decided to invest in more rooms to be covered and will 100% choose WM once again."

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