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Daikin Heat Recovery Ventilation System

Client: Masonic Hall
Completion: October 2020
Project: Ventilation system for assembly hall
Duration: 7 days on site

Enquiry - Customer contacted WM to discuss how to introduce fresh air into a large Hall with no windows or doors to outside.

About the Job - The hall has a max capacity of 60 people and it is regularly filled. The hall was very beautiful with no where to hide ventilation unit(s), so a suggestion was made by the project manager to site the ventilation units outside. Space was an issue, however there was a 1.4m path along the front of the building with spaces in between supporting pillars. The project manager went away and designed a way to locate the ventilation units outside, but try to ensure it was not too ugly for local residents. It was important also that the ventilation units and ductwork remained weather proof.

The Equipment - The total fresh air required was 1800m3 p/h. When supplying that much fresh air into an area, it is important to remove the same amount of air to achieve the air changes to the room. Therefore, a Daikin Heat Recovery Ventilation system was selected. A Ventilation system that supplies and extracts the same amount of air through one ventilation unit, with the added advantage of the temperature of the return air leaving the room exchanging its heat through a heat exchanger with that of the fresh air coming in. Therefore in the cold winter months, the cold winter air is warmed by the heated room air.

The Installation - The project manager decided to offer suppling and installing x3 HRV units, each capable of providing 650m3 p/h of fresh air and extraction. This is due to the space available and reducing the noise of the fan units. One large unit to provide the 1800m3p/h would be too large and too noisy. Each supply duct had a attenuator fitted to help reduce the noise even further, and all ducting was insulated and wrapped in stuko sheet to ensure the ductwork remained weather proof and aesthetically pleasing. The HRVs were housed in bespoke (made on site) wooden housings to ensure they were secure and weather proof. The inside was finished with x6 adjustable square single deflection grilles, supplied to the RAL colour requested by the customer.

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