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The Impact Of Temperature On Office Productivity

How productive we are at work and at home can depend on how comfortable we are in our surroundings. This reality is recognised by businesses that have performed their due diligence and are committed to maintaining consistent air flow, heat and cooling in the workplace as a means to ensuring high productivity and good morale.

There is some disagreement about the most productive temperature in the workspace but the results of key studies are surprisingly similar. One of the most informative studies was completed by CareerBuilder in 2009. In this study the following facts were reported after interviews with 4,285 full-time workers aged 18 and older.

CareerBuilder Study Results

Summary of these Results

CareerBuilder came to several interesting conclusions after their study. The body temperatures and personal comfort levels of employees varied greatly.

Uncomfortable temperature settings invariably caused productivity to suffer significantly.

Employers that understood the importance of maintaining temperature in the workplace at consistent levels outside the danger zones on either side of being too hot or too cold enjoyed higher productivity than those that were inconsistent.

Employees should be encouraged to wear layers. Some employees who are uncomfortable with the temperature inside an office can be more productive working outside.

According to AskMen.com, the American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers has recommended that the temperature for greatest productivity in the Summer workplace is 76 degrees Fahrenheit (25 Celsius). During the Winter, the most productive office temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 Celsius).

British Studies

Studies conducted by the British government and highly regarded Cornell University in the US are remarkably similar to the CareerBuilder findings. These studies indicate:

The British government recommends that the Winter temperature in workplaces be set at 74 degrees Fahrenheit as a result of this report.

The Cornell University study indicates that the most effective temperature should be consistent year round. The study recommends permanent setting of 73 degrees Fahrenheit of 63 degrees Fahrenheit and that the office temperature should not change during the year.

Cornell reports these specific findings:

There are other temperature considerations that affect productivity. Clothing is one of those factors. If employees perceive the office space will be too cold, they wear heavier clothing and, depending on their role, can be generally less productive.

Age and weight also play roles in productivity according to temperature in the workspace. Workers 55 and older tend to be much less productive in cold environments.

Employers can benefit from providing a consistent temperature in the workspace and a good, healthy air flow. Regulating the humidity in the workspace is another contributor to productivity. Consistent temperature and consistent humidity can easily and efficiently be provided by a regularly maintained HVAC system that will yield big productivity dividends over the life of the system.

Improve Your Office Productivity

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