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The Benefits of Air Conditioning in Summer

We've all been there. A hot stuffy office, the desk fan is too far away and there's a melting chocolate bar stuck to the desk. In 1902 when Willis Haviland Carrier invented air conditioning, he perhaps didn't realise the life changing impact on western society.

Air Conditioning in Offices

For office workers, air conditioning, in essence, is far more than a 'thing' or a process. It helps us feel comfortable, can improve productivity and in many ways distract us from the steaming hot reality outside. Air conditioning has very much shifted from 'luxury' to 'essential working environment' and in doing so the demands of individuals, groups and teams have raised working standards and established a new benchmark.

Air Conditioning in Cars

Nothing beats a country drive with the windows wound down, but the next best thing is undoubtably air conditioning. Ideal for stuffy traffic jams and long haul drives alike, the ability to flip a switch and generate cool air is one of lifes little luxuries. Of course, there are a number of reasons not to use air conditioning, notably the impact on our environment and the surrounding natural habitat.

Generating cool air inside a car burns more fuel, which in due course increases the carbon footprint of an individual or business. The same rule applies for office air-con, but there are a number of alternatives to help reduce carbon emissions: Ground-source heat pumps take energy from the ground beneath us to control the temperature of a building. - Free cooling coils use the air outside as a source of cooling for air conditioning and is a great way to reduce the cost of keeping office buildings cool.

If you would like to learn more about energy saving air conditioning systems, get in touch with WM Aircon today.

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