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The dramatic changes that have taken place in modern offices have lead to a vast increase in electronic equipment. The heat output from laptops, desktop PCs, servers and printers can make the working environment of an office unbearable. The most economical answer to this problem is split type Air Conditioning.

This effective cooling system consists of an attractive and compact indoor unit that connects to an outdoor unit via refrigeration pipe work. It is a quick and simple temperature management solution. A wide range of indoor units are available to suit your requirements, and the added option of heat pumps, will provide cooling and heating for year round control. An integrated heating and cooling system can maintain comfortable office temperatures throughout the year, improving the overall office environment, and the productivity of the workers within.

For more complex applications Daikin's VRV systems offer solutions where one outdoor unit can control multiple indoor units, each providing quick and efficient cooling or heating. VRV systems provide the needed power and versatility for larger of more complex buildings. All installations are backed up with service support and technical help, and a full maintenance program.

Air Con vs Traditional Cooling Methods

The internal office environment is notoriously sensitive to any changes in temperature, which can in turn dramatically reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of the work undertaken within.

Traditional cooling methods (fans, etc) are incredibly unreliable at maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature. Integrated heating/cooling air conditioning units don't suffer from these problems; they are designed to keep an office at a stable pre-determined temperature, making for a productive and enjoyable workplace.

WM Aircon - 30 Years' Experience in Oxfordshire

Based in Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire, we have been installing air conditioning systems since 1983. We are proud of our reputation for delivering cost effective, professionally installed solutions that meet our clients' needs perfectly. Our focus on delivering unparalleled customer service and the professionalism of our engineers are the reason we are one of the top air con suppliers in the Oxfordshire area.

For more information on our heating or cooling systems, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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Indoor Split Air Conditioning Units

At WM Air Conditioning we supply a range of split-type air conditioning systems consisting of two units, one for placement inside and the other for outside, and both units are simply connected using pipe work, giving a flexible and modular system suited to a variety of needs.

What is Split Air Conditioning?

Split air conditioning means that the condenser is separated from the indoor air conditioning unit. The thermostat on the indoor unit controls both of the components, which are connected by a flexible pipe. The condenser (the outdoor piece of the system) cools the air and handles condensation while the indoor section is responsible for distributing the conditioned air to the individual room, or to an entire property through multiple outputs.

How is Split Air Conditioning Different from Traditional Central Air Conditioning?

The level of cool air entering the property is controlled by a thermostat at each point where the indoor element is placed. Therefore, if you have multiple indoor air conditioning units, you can control the temperature in each individual room. Central air conditioning is different in that each duct in each room distributes the same level of cool air throughout, so changing the temperature in one area will alter the rest of the property simultaneously.

What Are The Benefits of a Split Air Conditioning System?

  • Small and practical
  • Flexible positioning inside and outside the home
  • Minimal noise when at work
  • Decide which individual room to cool or warm up
  • The energy efficient option

The advantages of using this type of system are that by splitting the system into two parts, the indoor half of the equipment can be made to be as attractive and unobtrusive as possible, while maintaining optimal functionality and operation. Many of the indoor units we supply are award-winning designs that suit themselves perfectly to a modern home or office space and do not look out of place. The selection of units is wide-ranging, from wall mounted, floor-standing and concealed ceiling units, meaning there is a unit for every space, every design, and every application.

Always choose a split air conditioning unit that is applicable to your home in terms of size and power. You can calculate the nature of the air conditioning unit that is best designed for you. For more information about this, get in touch here or call 01865 884 333.

Outdoor (Condensing) Air Conditioning Units

At WM Air Conditioning we supply a range of split-type air conditioning systems consisting of two units, one for placement inside and the other for outside, and both units are simply connected using pipe work, giving a flexible and modular system suited to a variety of needs.

The condensing units are compact and do not require very much space, meaning that you are not just benefiting from an attractive and modern indoor unit, you are taking advantage of an outdoor unit that has little-to-no impact on the aesthetics of your commercial or workspace.

Perhaps one of the greater advantages of VRV systems is that the system is modular, with one outdoor unit being able to be connected to multiple indoor units. This allows flexible and scope to upgrade and build upon over time, saving up front costs and ensuring your system to accommodate growth in the future.

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